The Salon

Nalini Naegamvala, together with her partner Yasmin, ventured into unchartered territory 45 odd years ago, with the launch of their cornerstone salon. Viewed as mavericks, little did either envisage the huge industry their adventure would spin off. What set the salon apart was their adherence to precision and technique… traits that they are still identified with. At Nalini’s, hair and its treatment has always been driven by the client. Highly customized services, backed by intensive training, experience, knowledge and passion is on offer every time you walk through our doors. Our philosophy is quite simply... you.

The Beauty

The way we see it…what’s the point of a salon without skin & beauty? And so, we’ve added this an extension thus giving you the entire package. Apart from doing everything hair and make-up related in the salon… here, we do everything from from head-to-toe…facials, massages, manicures, pedicures and hair spas. I am here to make certain you get what it is you want, as and how you want it. I am here constantly overlooking the quality, and I do it with all the energy I once put into my salon to make it the success it still is. I appreciate you patronage, and always look forward to seeing you visit.”

Services we provide


Cut & Finish Womens Mens
Natasha ₹5000/- ₹3500/-
Deepti ₹2150/- ₹1400/-
Carey ₹2250/- ₹1600/-
Reshma ₹1650/-
Arvind ₹850/- ₹800/-
Bidya ₹1050/-
Note: Shampoo and Conditioning not included in all the haircut rates ₹150/- Extra
Shampoo & Conditioning
₹300/- onward
Styling (does not include shampoo & conditioning)
Blow Dry & Finish ₹800/- onward
Blow Dry & Ironing ₹1000/- onward
Tongs ₹1200/- onward
Scrunch ₹1000/- onward
Hair-Up ₹1800/- onward
Colour * As per time hair length texture & condition
( hair cut not inclusive )
Hi-Lites Full Head ₹8000/- onward
Hi-Lites Half Head ₹5000/- onward
Global ₹5000/- onward
Root Re-Touch ₹2000/- onward
Half Head T-Up ₹1500/- onward
Fashion Colour ₹5000/- onward
Corrective Colour ₹6000/- onward
*All the above classic & creative colour procedures: timing will start after the completion of the 1st application
* All procedures are considered as per time, hair length, texture & condition
Make-Up & Hair – (In-salon)
Day ₹5000/-
Party ₹6500/-
Engagement ₹8000/-
Bridal ₹12500/-
Outside – (within 6kms)
Party ₹8000/-
Engagement ₹10000/-
Bridal ₹15000/-
Outside – (beyond 6kms)
Party ₹10000/-
Engagement ₹12000/-
Bridal ₹20000/-
* For service to not include hair, price will be ₹1000/- less
* Prices will vary as per distance and time spent at venue
Straightening / Perm * As per time hair length texture & condition
( hair cut not inclusive )
Full ₹8000/- onward
Re-Touch (3-4 inch) Consult with Stylist
Partial Consult with Stylist
Fringe ₹3000/- onward
Cystine / Keratine
Full ₹7000/- onward
Re-Touch (3-4 inch) Consult with Stylist
Partial Consult with Stylist
Shoots (Women & Men)
Hair As per requirement
Make-Up & Hair
Saree Draping
* Plex maybe included in technical procedures if necessary, or if client so wants ₹1000/-
Prices not inclusive of GST

Nalini’s Beauty & SPA

Massage Charges
Body Spa ₹2000/-
Aroma Massage ₹1900/-
Swedish Massage ₹1900/-
Deep Tissue ₹1900/-
Shoulder, Back & Foot ₹500/-
Head Massage ₹650/-
Holistic De Stress Massage (30mins) ₹1000/-
Holistic De Stress Massage (50mins) ₹1500/-
Body Scrub ₹1200/-
NNY signature massage ₹2250/-
Clean-Up / Facial Charges
In-House Clean-Up ₹1200/-
In-House Facial ₹1600/-
Brightening Clean-Up ₹1600/-
Brightening Facial ₹2000/-
Nourishing Clean-Up ₹2000/-
Nourishing Facial ₹2500/-
Pure Luxury Clean-Up ₹2500/-
Pure Luxury Facial ₹3000/-
Luxurious Body Package
1: body spa OR de-stress massage +body scrub
2: facial & bleach only
Homeopathic & SP Hair SPA ₹1600/-
Hair SPA Charges
Alchemy Hair SPA ₹2000/-
Hair Loss Treatment ₹2000/- to ₹2500/-
Dandruff Treatment ₹2000/-
Luxe Oil Treatment ₹2000/-
Express Hair SPA ₹1000/- to ₹1200/-
Sp Liquid Hair ₹2000/- to ₹3500/-
Plex (stand-alone service) ₹2000/- to ₹3500/-
Prices not inclusive of GST



  • Recipient Vogue Lifetime Achievement – Nalini
  • Recipient Vogue Colourist Of The Year – Natasha
  • Wella Creative Stylist Since 2000
  • Winner Trend Vision for the salon
  • Indian Representative to the Olympics
  • H.O.D for Bollywood Movie “Dostana”
  • Judge And Jury For HBS (Hair & Beauty Show)
  • Mentor And Judge For Zoom Tv Reality Tv Show “ A CUT ABOVE”
  • Brand Ambassador For Malibuc India
  • Brand Ambassador For Moehair India (Crazy 6 & Keratine)

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My name is Nalini, I have a salon Nalini of Nalini & Yasmin. I have been volunteering since many years and have worked closely with Ficci Flo Mumbai, Salaam Bombay and Aseema trust. I have trained innumerable girls and women and am grateful to Ficci Flo Mumbai in facilitating me to skill girls with my programme called NALINI GIVES BACK
I also help these girls or any lesser privileged person to get a job. In fact. So if any person needs a job or a skill I can guide them and help them. These are the jobs that I have helped women to get recently
Rehana, Young woman with a child who is back to her mothers home due to a failed marriage. Got her a job as a cook in 2 homes, hence she is able to educate her child Shabina has done the body spa course. Goes to the home of women and does body or head or foot massage, she is now able to feed n educate 2 small children with this added income An egg seller in my bldng made his daughter do the hair assistant course and the son the haircutting course as suggested by me. The daughter already working and doing well and the boy was sent by me to work in a hair salon in Bandra
I have innumerable such success stories where these lesser privileged young persons have changed their lives around and are earning well

Our Team

Nalini Naegamvala

Natasha Naegamvala







Bidya Kami

Aftab Kaladgi

Arvind Hatge

Poonam Gupta


Salon Live Videos


TonyandBarb Batchelor

This is my 3rd year going to this salon & spa and I walked out today so relaxed, feeling 100% better and thought time to update my review. Gentle Vijay, thank you for your skills in ensuring my nails (including feet) always look & feel so good. Gorgeous Heena, your back & head massage is exceptional not to mention your hair spas. Natasha, my wonderful hairdresser- I couldn’t live in Mumbai without you. But most of all thank you for treating your profession like an art form - something that is much more than work. THANK YOU to the entire staff. Barb ( New Zealand) 🙏🙏🙏

TonyandBarb Batchelor -
Radhika Apte

New hair!! #shorthair #haircut and #haircolour both by the bestest ✂️@natashanaegamvala at @nalininyasmin big fat thank you and hugs!! 💕💕💕💕💕 🤗

Radhika Apte -
Nutan Lohiya

Natasha, Nalini of Nalini and Yasmin, carries on the work started by the duo and then some. Herself a super hair therapist, yup, she's that good, Natasha has a great crew that's attentive. And seeing Nalini around is a bonus

Nutan Lohiya -
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Promotions / Specials


Rs 2000/-


The loyalty progamme (Both sections)

Earn points on all paid services - Not available on complimentary services

*Conditions Apply
*No offers/schemes are transferable OR can be combined
* Terms & Conditions apply to ALL offers

Our Training

Nalini, having received her training from global masters at Vidal Sasson, Toni and Guy, Morris School, Rever School and Wella School, has always recognized the the necessity of education in this field. She also has the foresight to get international trainers to visit the academy regularly and keep abreast with the latest trends and technological advancements. The salon has always been a hotbed of creativity, having spawned nearly all of Mumbai’s successful independent stylists. Having received this validation that education and hands-on training are crucial to the growth of the industry, Nalini soon realized her dream and opened an internationally competent education institution, encompassing both the creative and technical aspects of hair. With make-up, grooming and all things beauty rounding off the curriculum, the Academy in collaboration with the Wella brand, is a name of considerable repute. In order for 1 to become part of the faculty, the selected stylist has to have been on the floor for a designated number of years, undergoes a rigorous internal “train the trainer” programme…to be cleared by all other faculty members, only to then be certified a trainer. The school has always been around, and in 2005 the Nalini’s Academy opened its doors and the response justified its presence. Catering to a wide spectrum of potential stylists, various models are in place to suit vast student permutations.

Our Course

Natasha does 1 day seminars out station too. For this contact her on @natashanaegamvala (Insta DM)

The idea of experts joining hands and doing training together is to give the student the advantage of the experts vast knowledge and experience in their respective field


Contact:  9833503635 / 66680089


Nalini Naegamvala of Nalini n Yasmin salon, participated in A Christmas event for sr citizens of St Anthony home for the aged in bandra. We gave them a haircut, some had their nails done too, lastly entertained them with song n dance and gave them lunch with a celebration cake.
It was lovely to see them enjoy themselves with all the fun n laughter around.

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Nalini of Nalini & Yasmin Salon Pvt Ltd, 201/ 202, 2nd Floor,
Sagar Fortune,Water Field Road,Near China Gate Restaurant, 400050
Off Linking Road, Bandra (West) Mumbai India

Phone: 022-66680089


Skype: salon.nalini&yasmin

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